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As it prepares to IPO ingogo begins to reveal their plans beyond Taxis

by 8 days ago.

After an interesting conversation with Petrie on Friday afternoon, it became quite apparent to me that ingogo is perhaps not just the “taxi booking” application the media have been writing about and is in fact so much more. In fact the potential makes their number on competitor Cabcharge look a little bit like small fish.

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Objectify your love with Booodl

by 12 days ago.

Booodl is the latest social media app to hit the market boasting some serious star power to reinforce itself as more than just another Pinterest x Instagram x Twitter x Facebook four-way bastard child. With celebrity posts ranging from Erica Packer’s $36,000 piano to fashion blogger Margaret Zhang’s ice cream, the app is a narcissist’s wet dream.

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Workible release a new feature, but the real question is – who’s involved in their current Series A round?

by 13 days ago.

Last week I wrote about new hospitality focused recruitment tool and community hub Dippla. I talked about how they would face tough competition in the face of well funded startups such as OneShift and Workible. Especially in that hospitality and entry level job market.

I couldn’t have been more correct, as this week Workible confirmed with Startup Daily that they are about to set live a new feature called “shift swap and cover”.

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