Please Buy Me

Join us at our ‘Please Buy Me’ LIVE webcast next Wednesday!

by 46 days ago.

As part of Startup Spring, Startup Daily decided to run a webcast event all around building a strong ecommerce business. This space has the potential to be a huge growth area for Australia and there certainly are many attempting to have a crack at building a business that makes its money online – however many fail, and do so quickly.

Startup Daily is fortunate to have a stellar line up of entrepreneurs who will partake in a one-hour educational panel chat, next Wednesday, September 10th.

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SydStart 2014 finalists announced

by 55 days ago.

This year, over 220 people expressed interest in pitching at SydStart 2014. Eighty semi-finalists were chosen from that pool – each of whom have ventures focusing on scalable, productised web and mobile technology, as well as tech startups that are in big markets. The finalists took part in four rounds of screening at the ASX, and each semi-finalist was scored by multiple judges according to five judging criteria. The top 10 were chosen to pitch on the main stage.

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