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Melbourne-based startup Liven strives to be ‘the sexiest discount app’ in a highly competitive marketplace

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We’ve seen a number of startups emerge in our ecosystem that focus on coupons, discount deals, rewards and vouchers – examples include Aston Club, BigDeal, Buzzingaa, Coupay, OzSale, Rewardle and Swoop. Each has its unique point-of-differentiation, but not all have maintained strong momentum. The latest to enter this highly competitive space is Melbourne-based startup Liven.

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Will startup StarPower become the socially-conscious Hootsuite for A-list celebrities?

by 5 days ago.

A BlueChilli startup StarPower – founded by Sydney-based Matt Heisie, Canada-based Terri Hitchcock and Hollywood-based Monica Matulich – decided to take things one step further, creating a social media platform that allows celebs to have meaningful conversations with their fans based on how interactive their fans are. With an interesting monetisation model and social charity engagement, the startup is set out to further disrupt how celebrities communicate with their fan base.

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Scriptrock and other Startmate alumni are beginning to show the value of Australian accelerator programs

by 14 days ago.

In the early days, accelerators like Startmate and Angelcube faced criticism from some commentators in the tech space. It is apparent now that those remarks may have been made way too early, because the systemised approach that these programs have followed to take startups to market has begun to yield very positive results – not just for the companies, but for the broader Australian ecosystem.

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LobbyCrowd set to hold Australian politicians accountable

by 18 days ago.

Like many other Australians, Tony Simpson, a NSW Southern Highlands-based entrepreneur, is frustrated that our government pay such little attention to what we articulate online, let alone act upon our suggestions. This is why he created LobbyCrowd – an online platform that combines traditional political lobbying with modern crowdsourcing.

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