Will SuitBids join the ranks of Freelancer and Expert360?

by today

There are many ‘middleman’ or ‘connector’ startups emerging in our ecosystem. Some of the most successful startups have essentially built peer-to-peer (P2P), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms – connecting people in ways that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible. The latest startup to enter this segment is SuitBids, founded by Sydney-based Chartered Accountants Bradley Seeto, Nick Chiarelli and Simon Litchfield.

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WhatsLively co-founders Trishanth Chandrahasan & William Xue

Is WhatsLively about to rock the music tech scene?

by 8 days ago.

What is it about live music that’s so appealing? Despite advancements in media technology, where ‘liveness’ can be experienced without being physically present at an event, the traditional ‘live experience’ – being a spectator in a crowd – still has high cultural value. Co-Founders of WhatsLively, Trishanth Chandrahasan and William Xue describe live music as ‘sacred’.

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Dippla aims to own the Hospitality job market, but can they fight off the well funded competition?

by 22 days ago.

Obviously some tough competition doesn’t scare cofounders and brothers Damien and Nathan Coe. If the name sounds familiar you are probably a fan of the soccer, Nathan, the eldest of the two, plays for Melbourne Victory and has been a Socceroo goal keeper – and hopeful to represent the country again during the upcoming Asia Cup in 2015.

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