Sumry is more than just another pretty face in the online resume game

by 13 days ago.

Founded by San Francisco-based Nate Hanson and Sydney-based Sebastian Kade, Sumry provides an easy way for job seekers to create, share and market their unique career stories in the form of a timeline. It’s essentially a paperless resume ‘web page’ that shows the recruiter what value they can offer and the skills they would bring to the role.

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Moodswing launches Version 2, teams up with LIFX, moves to San Francisco, and prepares for $1M capital raise

by 14 days ago.

The past 12 months has been a rollercoaster ride for the Australian startup; and now it’s preparing to join the ranks of social media power players like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Co-Founder and Managing Director Jake McKeon told Startup Daily that they’ve teamed up with lightbulb innovator LIFX and will be launching Moodswing Version 2 this week at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014.

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Startup ezyCollect wants to create a world where customers pay their invoices on time

by 16 days ago.

Imagine a world where all your customers pay you on time, and your staff are focused on revenue generating activities, instead of performing manual processes and chasing late payments.

This is the world that Sydney-based entrepreneurs Arjun Singh, Shailendra Patil and Raj Kuckreja envisaged before embarking on their latest venture ezyCollect.

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Triplify founders

Perth startup Triplify on a quest to achieve ‘stickiness’ in the tough travel tech space

by 18 days ago.

Perth-based entrepreneurs Damien Hatton, Matt Fontana, John Daniels are cognisant of the fact that they’re moving into a crowded space, despite the online travel market being worth $313 billion worldwide. Although their startup Triplify has myriad competitors, the co-founders have developed a strategy to ensure their app stays ‘sticky’ – like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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