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If your core team is made up of ‘yes men’, they shouldn’t be part of your core team

by 1 day ago

Yes men and women’ present a very dangerous problem for entrepreneurs. As the founder of a startup, you are constantly seeking validation ensure you are on the right track, and the first place you usually look for that is your team – even before your customers. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s reality.

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Our Live Radio MVP Experiment: What did we learn?

by 11 days ago.

On Tuesday at SydStart 2014, Startup Daily decided to run a bit of an experiment.

We decided to run a live audio broadcast via the website for the whole day. I have been wanting to do some live broadcasting activities on the site for a long time. I am a huge fan of podcasts and radio style interviews. I think they create a different level of depth to the conversation that you sometimes lose with the written word.

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by 13 days ago.

Over the last two years, Alec Lynch, along with his co-founder at DesignCrowd Adam Abolino, have launched their company into new markets (including Asia) raised capital, acquired Worth1000 and recently announced that they hit $20 million in payments being paid out to designers using the platform. That is twice the amount the company paid out for the same period last year.

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Can Kindy take on Fairfax in the unforgiving childcare technology sector?

by 20 days ago.

The last 24 months has seen a number of childcare-focused tech applications enter the Australian market. It’s not a very forgiving space. The big question we need to ask is, ‘do parents actually care enough to use these solutions?’ If the answer to that is yes, then the follow up is certainly ‘will they pay for it?’

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Scriptrock and other Startmate alumni are beginning to show the value of Australian accelerator programs

by 27 days ago.

In the early days, accelerators like Startmate and Angelcube faced criticism from some commentators in the tech space. It is apparent now that those remarks may have been made way too early, because the systemised approach that these programs have followed to take startups to market has begun to yield very positive results – not just for the companies, but for the broader Australian ecosystem.

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