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Sydney-based Ridesurfing will become the anti-UBER

by 3 days ago.

Ridesurfing presents a very real threat to UBER’s ride sharing dominance in Australia. Why? Because they are playing out the same strategy Lyft employed in the United States. They’ve just replaced the pink hipster Lyft moustache with the Ridesurfing signature Shaka Sign – the symbolism here is very important and the foundation of their game plan.

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As it prepares to IPO ingogo begins to reveal their plans beyond Taxis

by 10 days ago.

After an interesting conversation with Petrie on Friday afternoon, it became quite apparent to me that ingogo is perhaps not just the “taxi booking” application the media have been writing about and is in fact so much more. In fact the potential makes their number on competitor Cabcharge look a little bit like small fish.

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Workible release a new feature, but the real question is – who’s involved in their current Series A round?

by 15 days ago.

Last week I wrote about new hospitality focused recruitment tool and community hub Dippla. I talked about how they would face tough competition in the face of well funded startups such as OneShift and Workible. Especially in that hospitality and entry level job market.

I couldn’t have been more correct, as this week Workible confirmed with Startup Daily that they are about to set live a new feature called “shift swap and cover”.

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Things heat up in the Digital Publishing space as Tablo close $400K seed round

by 15 days ago.

I am going to be bold and say that Tablo, could well be the next Vine or YouTube for writers.

Davies and his startup have just secured a $400,000 seed round from a group of impressive investors. Lead investor Paul Reining, former CEO of the Catch Group (Catch of the Day), joins Tablo as a Director and Advisor. Other investors include Kevin Hale, Partner at Y Combinator, and John Buck, one of Tablo’s most successful authors who reinvested his book’s earnings into the business.

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The latest goCatch funding round may mean “gloves off” when it comes to UBER

by 16 days ago.

If you have made the observation that the same thing is happening again in the transport space – you would be right. It’s not just an Australian war though, it’s a world war – against UBER or more specifically their UBER X services. It is also somewhat a phenomenon, it’s not often you see private industries stage massive protests where they grid lock the traffic in major cities around the world.

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