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Alex Turnbull partaking in the launch of a hedge fund startup in Singapore?

by today

Alex Turnbull, son of Federal Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull, may be setting an example of how Australians can work with their Asian counterparts. The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that Alex Turnbull is planning to launch a Singapore-based hedge fund, Keshik Capital, which will be “focused on Asia with the flexibility to invest globally”.

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SourceBottle: The quiet achiever in Melbourne’s tech scene

by 1 day ago

The venture founded in 2009 by Melbourne based Rebecca Derrington, has to a certain extent been operating under the radar. It’s been a case of everyone is using it, everyone knows about it, but other than some media around the angle of her being a “mumpreneur” Derrington really has not had major recognition from technology media on some pretty impressive achievements.

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